A Vampire Terrorized A Czech Village

12 September 2016 | Haunted locations, Vampires

In doing research for an upcoming book on the Czech Republic, I came across a vampire story….

In Ždár nad Sázavou, a Czech vampire once roamed. Alois Ulrich was an unkindly man and the administrator of the local castle estate. He treated his fellow humans with the same contempt that he had for animals. In his early 60’s, he contracted a strange disease and died. No one was particularly sad to see him pass away. He was buried in the lower churchyard.

But Alois continued to terrorize his neighbors even in death as he was seen by many villagers both in the cemetery and standing on a local bridge. There was even a murder attributed to the dead Alois. The increasingly concerned and scared inhabitants called on a local landowner to investigate. They decided first to make sure that he was actually dead and buried and so they exhumed him. On opening Alois’ coffin, they found that the body showed no signs of decay and on calling him by name Alois opened his eyes and slowly sat up. The local Priest tried to talk to him but Alois only snarled back. The solution was to sever his head with a spade and to fill his mouth with poppy seeds as an anti-vampire measure. He was then cemented into his grave. That solved the problem.

Submitted by G. Michael Vasey

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