Something Haunts Oregon’s Caves!

14 September 2016 | Haunted locations

Being a Geologist myself, I enjoyed this story. I’m no believer in the Bloody Mary urban legend but I can well understand how this incident would scare the hell out of anyone! I wonder, did they disturb a black magic ritual in Lucifer’s Corner?

As a young teenager, I was very close friends with the son of a geologist. My friend and his family used to spend much of their vacation time in Oregon and California exploring the ancient caves.  One year they invited me to go with them.

When we got to the caves my friends father told us to take a sweater and a flashlight because it was very cold and very dark inside the caves. Me and my friend came to the entrance of the cave and his parents and sisters followed. When we were walking through the cave there was a bunch of these little cul-de-sacs to our left and right. I went with my friend into one. It was called “Lucifer’s Corner”.

We stayed in there for around five minutes just looking around and realized that we were alone. Being stupid teenagers we turned off our flashlights and stood in the pitch black darkness of this ancient cave. You could not even see your hand inches from your face. This was kind of random but I told my friend to say “bloody Mary” three times. He did it and nothing happened. So we fired up our flashlights and headed for the exit. The caves were starting to get boring. Once you’ve seen one cave—you’ve seen them all right?

We back out into the daylight we couldn’t find his family so we assumed that they we back inside the caves. My friend and I went back to the entrance, entered the cave, and walked through once again. We eventually came back to “Lucifer’s corner” where my friend and I had been before. We noticed that there were three lit candles melted on the cave wall in the same spot where my friend had chanted the “bloody Mary’s!”

It didn’t take anything else to make us turn around and bolt towards the exit. When we got outside we were breathing heavily trying to catch our breath. We were both trying to come up with an explanation of why the candles were there but there just wasn’t one.

Submitted by Bill C.

Image by daveynin

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