The Tapping Ghost of Manchester.

30 September 2016 | Haunted houses, Your Stories

This story takes place in Manchester, United Kingdom. It happened when I was a child around six years old, so 1986. I was at the family home with my mum dad and older brother Paul. Paul and I used to share a bunk bed, with him on bottom and me on the top. I used to sleep with a clip-on lamp on my right hand side.

One night I awoke to a tapping on my shoulder — fast taps… one two three. It woke me almost instantly, so I turned on the lamp to see why my brother was harassing me at this time of the night. When I looked down, he was asleep — or pretending, I thought. Growing up, we were always playing pranks on each other.

I turned off my light and lay there. One minute later, the tapping started again. The same as before – fast, one two three! I turned my lamp on, again looking down at my brother, still in the same position and asleep. “Stop it!” I said, but he didn’t even move.

Once again, light back off, but this time the tapping was straight away, and consistent. I turned the light back on almost as quick as I could and looked back down at Paul, realizing he wouldn’t have had the time to get back to his bed.

A bit freaked out, I turned off the light, but kept my hand on the switch. As soon as it went off — TAP! — straight back on… nothing around me! I turned it off again… TAP… TAP… TAP… This time I turned the light back on to see nothing. I leaped clean off the bunk and dashed down the hall to mum and dad’s room, where I spent the rest of the night.

Submitted by Tim J.

Image – Ghost in the Room by Mike McCune


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