The Nursing Home From Hell?

03 October 2016 | Audible Activity, Haunted locations, Your Stories

About four years ago, I was working at a nursing home. I worked night shift with three to four other people. Each night we were assigned a hall on which we did rounds every two hours and answered call lights as needed. In our down time between rounds, we usually would sit in the dining hall, which was located right in the middle.

For the first couple of months I worked there… nothing happened. I was a bit disappointed and said so one night between rounds. I’d been told detailed stories of things that had happened and was beginning to think people were doing just that, telling stories. When it was time to do rounds again that night, I moved from room to room without any trouble until I got to the very last room. I checked on the patient, and was moving toward the door when the bathroom door slammed shut quite loudly. I almost jumped right out my shoes and without reopening the door ran out of the room. I went back in about half an hour later and found the bathroom door wide open again.

Call lights would turn on in rooms with no patients staying in them. We’d go to check and find the room empty. They even called in an electrician to make sure there were no faulty wires as we have to log every call light. We would hear someone walking down the hall only to find no one out of bed.

I recall one time I was in the laundry room by myself switching clothes to the dryer when I distinctly heard someone call my name. I thought it odd because it was a male voice and there were no males working that night. We would hear what sounded like large cans falling in the kitchen, yet when the cooks arrived in the morning, we would investigate only to find everything in order.

I suppose the eeriest things that happened were on one ward where all the patients were on their deathbeds were moved so they could receive care around the clock. There were cold spots in many rooms, equipment would malfunction even after being thoroughly checked out, and voices could be heard. I remember one particular night where I was assigned to the bedside of a man who eventually passed away early the next morning. I had stepped out of the room for a moment to retrieve something and when I returned I was shocked to find a woman standing at the foot of the bed. There was no possible way that she could have entered the room without me seeing her. When I questioned her as to why she was in there, she just smiled sadly at me and then disappeared before me.

I also started to notice that there would be a constant whispering, though you could never understand just what was being said. That place was alive with spirits—and I wouldn’t return again. I now work elsewhere.

Submitted by Reg B

Photo – Last station nursing home by Ulrich Joho

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