Who Was It Called Me?

04 October 2016 | Audible Activity, Phone Calls from the dead

My mother and I were home alone one day and in different rooms of the house. She was in her bedroom in the attic and I was on the second floor in my room. All of a sudden my cell phone started to ring and it said “Mom.” I picked it up and said, “Hey, what’s up? Do you need something?” I waited for a response, but there was nothing but dead air for a while.

A few seconds went by and then I heard a very eerie whisper, but I couldn’t make out what she was saying. So I said, “What? Mom are you okay?” Again there was no response until a few seconds later. I heard a woman whisper, “The attic” in a really creepy voice. Then there was static and the phone hung up. It gave me the chills. I then went upstairs to check on Mom.

When I got to the top of the steps, I looked to my right and saw that my mother was on her bed sweating like crazy and gasping for air. She couldn’t breathe. She has asthma and she was having an asthma attack at that very moment. I looked through her drawers to find her pump, and when I found it I gave it to her.

After a few minutes she was able to breathe normally again, and I asked her if she had called me before I came upstairs. She said no and gave me a weird look and said, “How could I have called you if I couldn’t breathe? And besides, my cell phone battery is dead so it’s been off for a few hours.”

Once again I got the chills. Who could that have been on the phone telling me to go to the attic, and how could they have known my mother was having an asthma attack at that moment? That same day when I told her about the phone call, she was pretty scared and told me to help her move her furniture and other things to the empty bedroom on the second floor.

Submitted by Steph R

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