The Ghostly Bus Traveler

05 October 2016 | Your Stories

Many years ago, when I still lived with my parents in Ohio, I worked a twenty-minute or so bus ride away in a neighboring town. Coming home one evening on a really miserable, cold and raining winter night, the bus gradually emptied as the passengers got off at each stop. Although my stop certainly wasn’t at the end of the ride, by the time I pressed the bell and got up and stood by the driver, I noticed the bus was completely empty. Nobody hiding or lying down in the seats. I had passed them all as I came down the bus. I stood swaying, holding onto the pole and looking back down the empty bus, chatting to the driver. I was the last one to get off.

The bus came to a stop outside our house and I climbed off, but for some reason I again looked back before leaving and the bus was still empty. As the doors closed and the bus slowly moved past me, there, sitting two seats behind where I had been sitting, was a little old man complete with hat on his head. I watched the bus pull away, and I still don’t know how he got there! He looked as real as anyone else.

Submitted by Vic

Image – Blurry man at back of the bus by Roland Tanglao

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