The Shadow At The Bottom of my Bed

11 October 2016 | Haunted houses, Your Stories

In 1998, I was 14 and was spending the summer with a friend and her family in Idaho. At first, everything was perfect and I was very happy sleeping alone in my own room on the third floor. Five nights into my stay though, I started to wake up every night. Standing in front of me, at the foot of my bed, stood a man looking down at me. I couldn’t really see anything. All I saw was a bright white outline and it looked like he had a hat on his head. He would just stand there and stare at me. I would just turn around and stare at the wall and hope he would disappear.

I never turned around to see if he had gone away. Eventually I told the father of my friend (who is a pastor) about it and he prayed for me and told me I should open my bible at night, so I did.

The first morning I woke up to find my bible was closed, which was very weird. Then the second night, I took 4 heavy things and put them on the corners of my bible, but the next morning the bible was closed and had been knocked to the ground. The next night I did it again. With bigger and heavier things, but the next morning I woke up and the bible was torn on the outside. I just left it where it was and moved out of the room.

It never happened again.

Submitted by Janet G.

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