The Demon Who Wouldn’t Let Go

24 October 2016 | Creepy places, October 2016, Your Stories

My friends and I used to dabble with the occult. We would light candles in graveyards to try and summon ghosts, said the Lord’s Prayer backwards at midnight in front of a mirror, prayed to the Devil on Halloween. We just thought it was a bit of fun, we didn’t ever believe in any of it. One night my friends brought a Ouija board around the house. We didn’t expect it to work, and just toyed with it. We were all shocked when it started working. A spirit came to us, but wouldn’t tell us its name. It started ignoring questions from others—and only answering my questions. It told me that it was my “friend” and started to believe that this entity wanted to be good to me. It made me believe it was a good spirit, and a spirit guide.

Eventually, if I didn’t talk to ‘IT’ when it wanted me to, it would give me headaches and I would feel physically sick. Sometimes it would enter my bedroom while I was listening to music and jam the radio with static.  Soon I decided that I did not want to talk to it anymore. I told it to leave, and never come back. That night, it clawed at me and actually bit me. I woke up covered in bruises. This went on for several nights. I decided that I had had enough. I went to a nearby book store and found a book on White Magic. There was a spell in the book that required a few white candles and a bit of privacy. It was a spell to get rid of evil spirits. I went to the supermarket, bought the candles and came home again. That night, when my mum and dad had gone to bed, I did the spell. I did the spell for four nights in a row. I never heard from it again. I took this experience as a warning to never dabble in the occult. I never have since, and I hope you won’t either!

Paul P Harris

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