The Spirits Who Won’t Leave Me Alone

26 October 2016 | Bizarre, Creepy places, Evidence?, G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner, Ghost Hunting, October 2016, Your Stories

A few years ago, I was shaken awake by a figure of an elderly woman leaning over me in my bed. It scared me so much that I rolled across our bed and over my husband and ended up on the floor! I would see her occasionally in the hallway when I would get up during the night to go to the kitchen. She would just pass me and disappear into our hallway closet.  I saw her several times standing over my bed too and decided that I had to try and communicate with her. The last time I saw her, I told her she needed to move on. She disappeared into the closet as usual and has not been seen since. After that incident, I became a firm believer in the other side.

A few months later, I woke up in the middle night and saw apparition standing at the end of my bed. He was around forty years old and dressed in clothing that would have been appropriate around the turn of the century. I remember he was wearing beige overalls and a flannel shirt. He was glowing and suspended about six feet above the ground just starting at me.  He had a totally evil presence about him and I was terrified. Over the next few days I would be fast asleep and would be woken by the bed being kicked repeatedly at the end. If I ignored him long enough, he would start walking on the bed. I was absolutely terrified. Then suddenly the visits ended and I started to relax. I have had several things happen to me since that I will share in another email.

Aileen James

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