Don’t Let Them In! The Black Eyed Kids Warning

10 November 2016 | Black Eyed Kids, Your Stories

This took place in Arizona in the mid-80’s. One late evening I woke up to loud knocks on the front door of my house. My husband was fast asleep, and I didn’t want to go down and open the door. It wasn’t normal for us to have late night visitors—so I did wonder if it was an accident of some type? I looked out of the window and I couldn’t see anything. It was pitch black outside. I woke my husband and asked him to go down and find out what was happening. He wasn’t very happy—but got up, put his robe on and went downstairs.

imagesI watched from the landing as he opened the door. Two children were standing there. Both looked young, and both looked like they were frozen. I know there was a boy, and a girl. My husband asked them if they had been in an accident. They nodded. He asked them if their parents were with them. They shook their heads.

“Our parents are coming for us,” one of them said.

My husband was still half-asleep and started closing the door.

“Let us in,” one of them said. “Let us in.”

I watched as my husband opened the door and they walked in. He was obviously not in control of his own body. He doesn’t take orders—but he did that night. I could see that both the children looked like they were eight years old. I went downstairs and asked them if they would like to sit down. We went through to the kitchen and they sat. Our dog went crazy. I had to shut him in another room. He would not stop barking. Looking back now he knew what these “kids” were.

I tried to make small talk with the kids. But they didn’t say anything. My husband said nothing. It was then that he started to complain about stomach pains. He said that he felt as though he had been “stuck with a sword.” I tried to help him, the kids didn’t move. I left the room—and when I came back my husband had passed out, and the kids couldn’t be found. I called 9/11 and asked for an ambulance. I didn’t even think about the kids until the next day. My husband was taken to hospital and needed to have immediate surgery to remove his appendix. The doctors said that he had a rumbling appendix and would have died if he had ignored it. The thing is he had never had any issue with his appendix before that night. Who were those kids? Why did they want to hurt us? I know that they caused my husband’s issues, and I want to know why.

Cyndi Mankowitz, Arizona

Be really scared – read The Black Eyed Kids.

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