The White, Smoking Figure That Haunted Me

30 November 2016 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I will to share is what happened to me a few years ago.

My apartment is a duplex that has the living room and the kitchen on the first floor, the two bedrooms on the second floor, and an internal staircase to go from the first to second floor. I returned from my office around 8pm, cooked dinner for my Pop and myself, which we enjoyed. Then, we watched TV and went to bed around 11.30 pm. I sleep heavily, but that night, around midnight, I heard the doorbell and I woke up. My bedroom’s door was locked and when I checked, I saw my Pop was in his room sleeping.

Wondering who would visit so late, I rushed downstairs to open the door. While running down the staircase, I banged into something and instead of tumbling down, I was pushed backwards. Instead of falling, I landed in sitting position on my stairs, where I saw a bright white, smoking figure. I guess it was the thing I heard ringing the doorbell. It was there standing in front of me for about five minutes and then it vanished into thin air. The experience can’t be explained in words.

I still haven’t understood what it was? Could I have been visited by a ghost, or spirit?

Submitted by Ronnie Shawitz

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