The Blessed Mother Statue That Moved Around

02 December 2016 | Haunted items, Your True Encounters

We used to have a statue of Blessed Mother statue that moved around all by itself. I’m not at all sure where my grandmother got it from, but she swore that it could smile and even cry. That statue always scared me when I was younger.

A few years ago, our extended family all lived together in the same house. My grandparents were also living with us along with my Uncle My uncle lived in the only Bedroom down in the basement. I honestly didn’t ever go his the room nor was the door ever open because I always felt a weird energy from that room. Later, when my extended family moved out I discovered why. The statue had been in that room and when they moved, they left it there.

I’ve always had weird feelings from this statue. Always. It felt…alive. When I opened the door…I didn’t feel scared or creeped out. For once, I was in my life I was living in a home that wasn’t haunted!

I wanted to prove once and for all that something supernatural was going on with this statue. So, me and my colleague, Andre, decided to set up my night vision camera on a tripod. It was late and no one was home and we recorded the statue in the dark basement room for five-hours. You see, I wanted to know. After all those years of weird feelings around this statue, all the things that happened with the statue…I wanted answers.

Well, we slept for over 6-hours. Forgetting that the camera was set up, we went into the room and nothing seemed off. We began to upload the footage up in my office. When I finally got the footage uploaded, I watched it with interest but growing despondency because nothing happened. Every frame of the footage showed that nothing had moved. After reviewing the footage, I went away to prepare for a second attempt and on on my return I found the statue was now facing the opposite direction! No one was home. It had moved. I got as close as I could and I swear…the face was different. Like it thought it was funny that I wanted to capture it on camera. She let me know that she was aware. That was it.

To this day, after we moved from that house, I’m not sure what happened to the statue. But strangely, I miss it. I feel like it protected me. Many times, I felt like she was guarding whatever house we lived in. All I can say for sure is…the statue never felt dark…but it sure was weird.

Submitted by Randy


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