The Black Eyed Boy Wal Mart Experience

08 December 2016 | Black Eyed Kids, Your Stories

They say you can get anything at Wal-Mart……

Note this story took place in the 1970’s – long before the current wave of stories got going.

I was around twelve when this incident took place. I didn’t know anything about Black Eyed kids until a few years ago when I started reading reports on the internet about these strange incidents. My story is a little different to those other accounts.

I was sitting in my Moms car waiting for my mom to return. She was inside Walmart and I had elected to wait in the car with my book. A young boy had walked past the car a few times—and I hadn’t really taken that much notice of him. The fourth or fifth time the boy went past I think he noticed me as he came over to the car and stared in at me. I tried to ignore him and read my book—but he started whispering.

“Let me in.”

I knew the front doors were locked and checked the doors at the back. My side was unlocked but the side the boy was on was locked. I locked my side. The boy kept pleading to be left in. The boy then went quiet and stared at me for a few minutes before walking away.

I want to talk about the eyes. This boy had completely black eyes. There was no other color to be seen. Just pure blackness. He didn’t blink, he didn’t wince or show emotion. His face was stony white. When he spoke I seemed to hear the words in my head more than through my ears. When he tapped on the window it was slow and methodical. He did not seem to be in any danger, or need my help. He was not panicking. It was almost like he was a robot under the control of someone, or something, else.

The weirdest thing about this encounter was that my mother returned to the car a few minutes later and complained that some woman had approached her and had asked for the keys to her car. She said my mother had blocked her in and this woman want wanted to move her car. My mom knew she hadn’t. This strange woman became quite insistent and my mother had been forced to ask a security guard to help her. To my knowledge our incidents had taken place at exactly the same time. She also told me that the woman’s eyes were strange… Not completely black but almost.

So were these two incidents related? I think so. But how did two seemingly unconnected people manage to communicate so effectively over such a distance? Keep in mind that this happened in the 1970’s before the micro-technology of today. Were they under the control of another person, or were they able to communicate telepathically? What is going on?

Submitted by Yanni Imbrugen

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