A Possession in Virginia

09 December 2016 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story took place twenty-six years ago. My dad told me about this incident and I think it’s probably one of the scariest things I’ve ever heard. My father does not have much of a sense of humor, so I’m pretty sure he didn’t fabricate any part of it.

When my mom was pregnant with me we lived in a rural part of Virginia. My mom arrived home after giving birth to me but her health began to worsen with time and it made my dad worried. He consulted a lot of doctors who deemed it was normal because my mom was anemic. They prescribed a lot of medicines but nothing seemed to work.

One early morning dad got up to go to the bathroom. When he was coming back to the room, he heard someone, or something, sigh. He thought my mom was probably sleep talking and didn’t pay any attention to it. The sighing continued and then he heard me crying. He rushed to the room only to be filled with absolute horror. What he saw was my mom lying in bed with her hands, legs and head bending outwards with me crying uncontrollably. He froze on the spot but soon recovered, picked me up and ran out to call the neighbors for help. When the neighbors came, they saw my mom lying there. She had passed out. My father tried to explain what had happened and they told him about a family who had lived in our house some time before.

Apparently, a family used to live in the same house. A husband, his wife and his mother. The guy and his mother were abusive and they tortured the wife whenever they pleased. The wife soon became pregnant but the family accused her of carrying someone else’s child. She denied it and protested the accusations laid on her. This made her husband and her mother-in-law furious and they killed her in a fit of rage. They dumped her body somewhere and ran away.

It was the belief of our heavily Catholic neighbors that my mom was possessed by the spirit of the woman. Dad didn’t believe it at first—but started to wonder when they gave him a book about possession. With things not getting any better my father asked a priest to come and see the house.

A couple of days later, the priest visited. As soon as he entered the house, my mom started acting weird, sneering and hissing at him. As soon as he saw that he knew that something was going on. He blessed her and ordered the entity living inside my mom to get out. At first, she refused. But then, the priest threw some holy water at her, causing her to scream in pain. He then ordered her to get out again and to tell him where she was buried. Reluctantly, she did and left my mom’s body. My mom passed out again.

After this incident, we left that house and never even went near it. My mom never even knew what happened to her and died several years later in a car accident. My dad decided to never talk regarding this incident. I would appreciate any insight you have regarding this incident.

Submitted by Lynne Barry

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