Ouija Board Hell After Trying to Contact Granddad

12 December 2016 | ouiji boards, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My Grandfather passed away when I was twelve and I had to move into his old room – the one where he had passed. A few months later, I had a friend sleep over and we thought it might be fun to play with a witch board. So we lit some candles and decided to see if we could contact my Grandfather. Nothing happened at first and we weren’t really taking it too seriously. We stopped touching the board and we blew out all of the candles only to have them all re-light by themselves. The glass continued to move around violently across the board on its own… my friend lost it and asked to go home and she did.

Later, I resumed playing with the board myself. My TV was off but it kept turning on and off and my cord-pulled light switch also kept turning on. Meanwhile, the little shot glass I had on the board was still going crazy moving by itself on my board. It didn’t spell anything but was just randomly moving around. I tried to get up and all the candles went out and I was left in total darkness. My twin-size bed and box spring was thrown about 10 feet away, blocking the door. All the while my TV and lights were going on and off over and over again. I screamed and I’m pretty sure that I fainted because when I opened my eyes, my Mom and Stepdad were freaked out. EVERYTHING in my room was upside down, or sideways, and pictures on the walls were also upside down.

That wasn’t my Grandfather! My Parents also witnessed the board moving by itself and my Stepdad took it outside and burnt it.

I lived there another 7-years and I always felt something dark around me even 20-years later. When I’m alone I can still feel it almost behind me.

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