He Sees Dead People……

16 December 2016 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Ever since my son was young he has been seeing and talking to something that we could not see. My son is now eight years old and it really seems to be getting worse. We will find him in his room talking to someone and we will ask him who he is talking to and he will start to tell us and then he will just stop talking.

We moved into a new house about ten months ago and things in our house started happening with our son’s toys. Toys I know I turned off will go off by themselves and it will really freak out my son. Sometimes he will tell us they are just trying to scare me and when we ask him who he does not want to talk about it. He just clams up.

Last night he woke us up at 1am saying there was something in our kitchen. I took him in so he could see there was nothing there but he was holding strong on that there was something in there. He said, “it is hiding from you“. I asked him if he knew its name and he said, “it does not have a name. It’s been very bad“. He was so scared that I could not get him back to sleep; he just kept talking about the thing in the kitchen. Eventually a few hours later I told him we need to tell whatever it is to leave so we got up and opened the front door and I said “you need to leave our house we don’t want you here” my son got really upset with me doing this and I am not sure why.

I put him in my bed with my husband and I we laid there for a couple of minutes and then something slammed on our kitchen floor. I jumped up to go see what was in our kitchen because it sounded like something jumped hard on our hard wood floor. It shook the house. Later that day my son told me that, “it’s mad.”

I am at a loss for what to do. We do have someone coming into our home to bless it next week but I am not sure what to do until then. Has anybody experienced anything like this before and if so how did you get it to leave your child alone?

Submitted by Cindy Turner

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