The Disappearing Black Eyed Man

22 December 2016 | Black Eyed Kids, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This encounter – The Disappearing Black Eyed Man – was recently submitted to the site, is actually quite exciting in terms of the Black Eyed People. Firstly, it is set in the 1950’s long before the supposed beginning of BEK encounters in the US and secondly, it happened in the UK….

My late father-in-law told me about his incident with a black-eyed person. He was living in Nottingham, United Kingdom, at the time. One night when everyone in the house was asleep, my father heard a knock on the door and went to see who was there. He looked through the window and what he saw there sent shivers up his spine. There was a dark figure standing in front of the door and he saw that it had no face. Looking at it was like looking into a pitch-black hole. My father could not move and stood very still, not knowing what to do.

The figure knocked several times and my father eventually answered the door. He opened it slowly and to his surprise saw a man with a pale white face standing there. The man said nothing. He didn’t even make a movement. It was my father who noticed his eyes. As soon as he had seen the eyes the figure disappeared. My father looked out of the window, after recovering from shock and saw it standing underneath the street light. It stood there for a few minutes and then vanished into thin air. This incident would have taken place in the 1950’s. My father worked in England for ten years and never had another occurrence like it. Has anyone else heard of this disappearing figure with black eyes?

Submitted by Enoch Kennedy, Florida

PS – If you want to know more about Black Eyed People – try the book The Black Eyed Kids.

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