Talk, Talk

23 December 2016 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner

Talk, Talk is one of my favorite songs off of my album The Early Years. It came about when just playing with E and A chords on the guitar and it is essentially a two-chord song! The variations are around the two major chords. In common with pretty much all of my songs, the lyrics came after the track was completed and I looked to my poetry for inspiration. It has a vibe going that to me, harks back to some Electric Warrior T.Rex perhaps tho others have said it is more an 80’s sound…. whatever it is, I like it and I hope you do too?

It’s actually a creepy song about fame for a ghost!

How fitting
To see your name in print
Fame always eluded you
Now you are a household name
A life lived in vain

How very apt
To see you truly succeed
To have all those things
You chased and fought for daily
How bloody erie

What a shame
Your fame came too late
Posthumous recognition
Are you watching from some other place?
Is there a smile upon your ghostly face?

So essentially, while the world Talks about this man, he has already passed away. He had chased fame all his life only to find it after death. I often wonder if this is autobiographical?!

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