There is Something In Our House

23 December 2016 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

We had moved into our house a few months ago, we got a good deal on a large house and decided to go for it. We spent the first two months without any kind of incident. The first incident however took place in my bedroom with my son, and we both saw something like a white ball floating in the middle of room. This has happened several times now.

Then a couple of months ago, things started to change for the worst. My daughter falls asleep with the TV on, but I always set the timer so it would cut itself off. I would get up around 1am and her TV would still be on. It was around this same time in October 2006, that a neighbor of mine had some unusual things happening to her. We have bolt locks on the front and back door, and she has had both open in the middle of the night. She thought someone was trying to break in. There was never any evidence that someone broke in. My other neighbor heard footsteps, but she said she went downstairs to check it out and no one was there.

My neighbors children have a little girl who started telling them repeatedly that there’s a “bad man in my room.” Now my little girl has started saying that too. She says the man has dark eyes. Could this be a Black Eyed person?

Submitted by Ellen Morris, Missouri

PS – Talk, Talk – a song about fame after death

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