Remember The Alamo: The Lingering Ghost

27 December 2016 | Haunted locations, Your Stories

During my last visit to the Alamo I saw a young man striding toward me looking like he knew where he was going. I watched him walk across the ruin and I thought he was a reenactor. He was over six feet, bearded and his hair was dark brown, slightly curling, and loose to his collar. He was dressed in very authentic-looking period costume. His rust-colored trousers were tucked into black, high boots that showed stirrup wear. He wore a wide belt of plain dark brown leather with a simple brass buckle. But it was his shirt that impressed me most. It was made of heavy, old-fashioned off-white broadcloth. It had a pointed collar and a placket in front, and the ties at the top of the placket were undone. I watched him until he was so close that staring any longer would have caught his attention. I looked down at the nearest display case until I felt him walk past, and when I looked up he was gone. He was too noticeable to lose in the crowd and I did not see how he could have made it to the door in the length of time I had taken my eye off of him, but I shrugged it off. Later I recounted the incident to a friend and told her that I thought he was a member of staff who was dressed in period costume. She grew very silent and then she said, “They do not dress their staff in period costumes.” I got a real chill then. So what the hell did I see?

Submitted by George Denton, Texas

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