A Hooded Shadow Stalked My Family

02 January 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories

I was about 14 and sleeping. In my sleep I watched this thing float up 2 steps on a landing, turn the corner, and float up the stairs. It was probably about 6-feet tall wearing a black robe; the kind you see in the movies worn by old monks or something. It wore the original hoodie. It was a loose, rough, dark cloth tied with a rope at the waist.

I was in a big house with 3 bedrooms up top and a big area in the center instead of a hallway. My bed was straight across the room from my parents bed and there was another room space between us. It was built like an old fashioned log cabin so it was kind of all open spaces.

I watched this thing pass right by the foot of my bed, but it ignored me totally. It passed me and looked down at my Sister to my right, then turned and slowly went to the other room and stopped right over my Mom and was looking down at her. I freaked out in my sleep and sat bolt upright in my bed. I was never, ever, so happy to be awake but then I realized that it was just a dream. I let out a huge breath of air. Until, that is, that I noticed it was actually still right there just where it had been in my dream. It’s hood hiding it’s face. The thing was still there. Fear gripped me so hard I couldn’t breathe for a few seconds but it seemed like forever. Then it raised it’s hand slowly into the air and that is when I noticed that it held a slightly curved knife in it’s hand. I screamed out ‘MOM’, but it came out like a squeak. My sister didn’t even wake up. Instantly, my Mom told me to get up, in her “do it now voice”, and turn the light on. It was a pull chain light, like a ceiling fan, in the middle of the big room. It was so dark I couldn’t see anything, so I had to stand about 10 feet away from this thing and wave my hands around just to find this tiny pull chain.

I couldn’t move. I was petrified. Back in the day though, you always did as you were told, so I did, after the second time she ordered me to turn the light on. I was horrified to my bones. The thing I dreamed BOUT was actually right there within touching distance to me. I had been asleep, but now I was actually awake, and I wasn’t the only one seeing it.

Somehow I found the chain the first try and the light sprang into the room, and it just disappeared in the light. My Mom and Dad were both awake already and praying. My dad had recently found Jesus, and it had totally changed his life. He was a changed man and we were a really tight family with a lot of love and affection. Everyone loved my Mom and Dad. We had to have two funeral services for my parents when they died recently in two different states, and both places were full of people. So yes, I blame my parents for this one.

I swear this is the truth, and I also swear that was totally my come to Jesus moment. I begged God to never, ever let me see anything like that again. I have felt weird stuff since then, but I have never seen “it” again. I pray I never do. It scares me so bad just thinking about it. I don’t think I have ever even written it down before. It still scares me to this day. I am in my 50’s now. That is how bad it was.

Submitted by Dianna C.

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