Fish, Chips, and a Demon?

04 January 2017 | Ghost hunting, Haunted locations

If you have ever been to the City of Hull – the 2017 City of Culture, you may well have heard of Bob Carver’s fish and chips. Reputed to serve the best fish and chips in Hull and the local area, the firm has been around a long time – almost 130-years to be precise. I can vouch personally for their mushy peas.

Back in 1973, Bob Carvers purchased a building off of Hessle Road to use as a food processing plant for the fish and chip business that has developed something of an evil reputation. The Fish and Chip business occupies only one floor of the four story building and people who have worked there have reported many strange occurrences. The other floors are unoccupied. The building used to be an old ropery and whatever presence still occupies the building has left what appear to be rope burns on one investigator’s throat!

People there report hearing footsteps in the empty building, and unexplained bangs and crashes. Workers who experienced something there would not re-enter the building. During a recent investigation of the building by a team of ghost hunters, one lady was ‘pushed, shoved and grabbed’ the minute she entered the building and, as she entered one room, she sensed something ‘not very nice’ and felt a burning sensation on her neck – other workers later photographed what appears to be a red and angry rope burn there. Another woman on the team was also scratched by an unseen entity leaving red gouge marks across her back and reported seeing a dark shadowy figure run across the room. The team reported that there was an angry presence in the building – perhaps even a demonic presence there.

In an initial ghost hunt of the building, orbs and perhaps even a ghostly figure were captured, banging and crashing noises went on all night long and one man suffered an unexplained cut on his leg. Ghost hunts of the premises are now periodically offered so that you too can investigate this building.

Is there something haunting Bob Carver’s food processing building in Hull and if there is, what is this dark and menacing shadow?

Submitted by G. Michael Vasey

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