Beware Duplexes in Nevada—You Might Get More Than A Tennant

05 January 2017 | Haunted houses, Shadow people, Your Stories

This tale took place in Nevada about twenty years ago. My family moved into an apartment complex. It just seemed like a normal apartment. Nothing special.

The first thing that started happening was the intense feeling of being watched. It didn’t matter if it was day or night you were being watched and not only from within the room, it also felt like something was in the room watching me. I tried to ignore it but a few nights later I was walking to the kitchen and saw a huge dark figure run from my mother’s room into my room. It didn’t really run as it didn’t touch the floor. It was also tall enough to touch the ceiling with the top of it’s head. This figure wasn’t really a ghost. It was a solid black mass. It really scared me.

During the summer I invited a friend over so I wouldn’t be so scared. But when she came over she started feeling… you guessed it… like she was being watched. As we were talking we could hear someone coming from the kitchen. It was footsteps and we could hear them getting closer. As the sound of steps got closer and closer we realized no one was there BUT we saw indents on the carpet in the shape of feet. Whatever it was there actually stood in the same room as us—but was invisible. We could just see the indent of feet on the carpet. Neither of us wanted to admit what we had seen—and my friend left around ten minutes later.

One of the last incidents that happened to me in that apartment was when I was laying down to go to bed. I really wanted to sleep but I couldn’t drift off. I felt strongly that someone was watching me. I could almost feel a breeze on my back as though it were standing over me.

That happened several times and we finally moved. I haven’t experienced anything like it since. Something was in that apartment…. But God only knows what it was.

Submitted by Jodie F, Arkansas

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