The Haunting Horror of Small Town England

12 January 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This story took place in the 1930’s and it was recounted to me by my grandmother. She explained that when she and my grandfather were a young couple with a small child moving in to the first real home, a two up-two down house, no garden, and an outhouse in a cobbled back yard. They did not know at that time that every family that lived there something bad happened to them if they stayed too long in the house. In fact, the last person who had the house before them had hung himself in the outhouse.

Not long after they moved in, strange things started to happen. They would be sitting in front of the fire and the front door latch would begin moving up and down. At first, they thought it was a family member making a late-night call on their way to their late shift at the factory.

One night they were asleep in bed when a loud crashing sound came from the kitchen, like plates and dishes smashing to the ground. Thinking it was mice knocking these plates off, they decided to wait until the morning to clean the mess up, but when they came down in the morning, nothing was disturbed… nothing smashed or broken. It was the same as when they went to bed the night before.

On another night, because of the cold they put my mother between them, she was just a baby at the time. When they woke, however, she was not there! My grandmother was in a complete panic wondering where the baby was. She found her under the bed, fast asleep, wrapped in a blanket.

But the most frightening thing that happened to them, they told me, was when one day my grandfather had just finished the night shift. After having something to eat, he went to bed. He said he did not know the reason he woke, but when he opened his eyes, he saw a monk standing at the foot of the bed! He gave a loud scream. Grandmother took hold of a brush and ran up the stairs, thinking again it was rat got in from the docks. She ran into the bedroom, swinging it around her head like some tribesman on a mission — just in time to see this figure walk right through the wall!

Submitted by Jenny, Bristol


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