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19 January 2017 | Haunted houses, Shadow people, Your True Encounters

Not many encounters being submitted at the moment, so to keep things going, I was looking at Tripadvisor again, but then I found YELP! What a treasure trove of encounters that site is. Check these out… (I have edited these accounts). a full discussion of shadow people, the Old Crone, and other weird experiences….

Chas S. starts a post as follows….

I believe in ghosts. Always have. But never had a personal experience to back up my belief.

Until last night…and now I’m beyond freaking out.

I got up to go to bathroom at about 2am last night, sort of half asleep, but definitely NOT dreaming or sleepwalking. I did my business, came out of the bathroom, and there was something standing in the corner of the living room, sort of crammed in between the wall and TV. I honestly thought it was B. leaning over the TV to check the cables in the back, but it didn’t move at all. It just stood there. I wasn’t really afraid at first, since it didn’t really have a face or anything – just a long shadowy thing that I couldn’t figure out what it was. But then it sort of shrunk into itself. Literally, it just sucked itself into thin air…and was gone. I didn’t really freak out until the cats came flying off the couch with their fur all puffed out. I got the hell out of the hallway and back into the bedroom and I locked the door. I was close to crying, I was so afraid. I didn’t wake up B. since he was fast asleep and probably wouldn’t understand what I was saying. But I didn’t get any sleep the entire night, and now I’m terrified to sleep here tonight. All I can think about is seeing that thing in the corner of our bedroom and slowly tuning into some demon or something.

Did anyone else see a ghost in their place? Did they have to move because they were so afraid? I don’t know what to do…

Here is a reply from Rosie V.

For a while, we lived in the basement of this big rambling ranch house in some unincorporated part of Chicago Heights. Nothing but woods and quarries and one 90-year old lady for a neighbor.

Anyhow, I’m laying on the couch downstairs listening to music and I’m dozing off. Then I start to feel like something is pressing down on my chest. I’m in limbo sleep and I’m thinking it’s my cat or the dog that the family upstairs had. No big deal. Then it starts pressing down harder and harder until I snapped out of half-sleep gasping for air.

I run upstairs all freaked out and get a neighbor to check the house with me. We’re the only ones home and we can hear the stairs that lead downstairs creaking, real slow, like someone is trying to sneak up. We almost lost it. We stand in the kitchen freaking out, listening to creaking stairs. We get the hell out of there and refuse to go home until the old man gets home from work.

And then Kevin T, chimes in…

I use to stay in the finished basement where my Uncle and Aunt lived in for a total of 3-months before she moved out. The unit went unoccupied and untouched for a total of a year and a half. I remember falling asleep while studying in the living room. I awoke and decided to move myself to the bedroom. I awoke from a horrible nightmare that night paralyzed. After opening my eyes to complete darkness and finally jerking out of my paralysis, I felt cold sweat beads on my head and decided to try to go back to bed or wait for the morning to come. The nightmare revisited me and I again awoke with the same type of paralysis….. this time, instead of seeing complete darkness, there was a shadow of a profile shot of a head with something that resembled horns on its head. How i survived the night without eventually being institutionalized is a surprise to me.

…goosebumps covered my body as I re-told this story and I didn’t even speak of the nightmare that I had that night.

And Rocky B reminisces…

In one of our last apartments we had a ghost. For awhile there after R. would leave for work and I would still be sleeping I would hear the shower run in our apartment. Then I would feel the foot of the bed sink down like someone was sitting on it. It didn’t scare me for some reason. It just irritated me that I was losing precious moments of sleep by some ghost that was getting ready for the day. One time I said something to it like “Can you please sit somewhere else!” After that…no more ghosty. Sniff….kind of miss that guy.

And finally Caroline chimes in with one of her own…

A good friend of mine has an old ski house in Vermont. The house is very old and used to be a carriage house. The last time I was there, my then boyfriend and I were getting ready to go to bed. We looked out of the window and saw a foggy figure outside. I assumed it was just condensation and forgot about it. My boyfriend taps my shoulder a few seconds later and says it is coming closer and getting bigger. All of a sudden, the window blinds comes down (which was ok. It happens), but then it went back up!!

At this point, I cover my head with the blanket because I’m spooked, and my boyfriend is tapping my shoulder to look. The room is freezing cold and I feel some weight at my feet. I finally take my head out and see right in front of me, the white outline of an old man’s face. My boyfriend and I then shut our eyes and put our heads under the blanket hoping it would just go away.

The next day, we told our friend (who owns the house) that we saw a ghost. His reply was… “oh, you saw the old man.” He always comes and goes. I think he’s angry that we’re remodeling the house.”

Now, why do we not get discussion like that on this site? After all, it is YOUR experiences we are after..

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