The Black Skeleton Entity in my House

23 January 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

In September, 1988, when I was a kid, I experienced a black entity formed like a skeleton that haunted my house. The first incident took place one night when I had gone to bed early after watching TV with my parents. Late that night, around 3am, I was awake on my bed when the bedroom door opened and I heard a whistling sound, but I knew the TV was turned off and everyone was sleeping. I thought nothing more about it.

Over the next few nights I kept hearing that sound all the time. I knew it was impossible to hear it, but it was real. I stood up on my bed to see outside the door, but it was too dark and I could not see anything. I knew that something was there. I tried to ignore it and lay back down on my bed and closed my eyes to sleep. Suddenly, I became paralyzed and could not move while I could hear that strange whistling sound. Like a high-pitched airplane engine and I could see a pathway image in my head, as if I was moving at a very high speed.

It was terrifying, or perhaps this entity had the power to control my emotions. I was frightened to the point that I could get control of my hands, so I rubbed my eyes very fast to get the image away. But then I became paralyzed again. However, the image and sound were gone and a new image appeared that showed a tree and a grassland with two people who were talking about something.

I was not frightened anymore, so I smiled to show the ghost that I was not afraid, so the image disappeared and I could open my eyes and move again. It seemed that the ghost, or entity, had a power over me when I was afraid, but when I was not afraid of it, then the ghost could not do much.

Submitted by Ron Oxley, Lincoln

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