The Black Eyed Entity That Invaded My House

26 January 2017 | Black Eyed Kids, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I usually go to sleep late at night, spending time reading books, watching TV, or listening to music. A few nights ago, after listening to music for a long time, I became sleepy and removed my headphones. I clearly remember checking the time and it was around 3 a.m. I was simply lying down trying to sleep and that’s when I heard a sound. Concentrating further, I could understand that it was a knocking sound and probably from a little child. As gentle as it was, it seemed to reverberate through the house as though it were coming through a giant speaker.

I immediately checked the other rooms in our house and my family were sound asleep. I also checked the neighborhood for lights and I couldn’t find any. I was really confused and went to the dining room from where the sound loudest.

I started to notice that it was coming from outside. I went to the door and I could see the shape of a small child standing outside on our porch. I felt sick. I opened the door and a small child stood there. I turned on the porch lights and I could see that he was dressed in black. I asked him what he wanted and he just stared at me.

He had completely black eyes.

I closed the door and the knocking started again. I became really confused this time and went to my room. As soon as I entered my room, the knocking sound stopped abruptly. I decided to let it go and get some sleep. I closed my door and climbed into my bed when I heard a hard knock on my bedroom door. At the same time, there was a loud thud on my window. This thud made the glass rattle and shake. I thought the window was going to break. Somehow—and I don’t know how, I fell asleep. I have no idea how that happened. I just remember the window shaking and then waking up the following morning.

When I woke up in the morning, I tried to dismiss the experiences as my imagination. When I told my Dad about this, he asked me to lock my door at night and to get to sleep early. I thought it was all over, but from that day, I feel a presence with me in my room every night. It never tried to communicate with me or scare me, but I could always feel it with me at night when I’m alone in my room.

Has anyone else ever encountered anything like this?

Submitted by Sheila Canavero

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