The Others: Dark Shadows Invaded My House

10 February 2017 | Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

A friend of mine suggested I send this story into your site. I have read many of your stories—but I’ve seen nothing like this. I thought your readers might be interested in my story.

I moved to Connecticut with my family around the time that I had started first grade. Soon after I began seeing dark figures in my room at night. You couldn’t really make out any features other than that they had tall, broad shoulders and wide chests which made me think they were adult men. None of them had faces. They would pay no attention to me and walk around the room without interfering in anything I was doing. These events didn’t happen every night, and the nights that they did happen I sometimes would have some very scary nightmares.

At first this was very frightening, but after I had seen that they would not hurt me I grew used to them being there. One night was different though. We had been living in the house for a little over three or four years, one night I had just climbed into bed and said goodnight to the figures which had become part of my routine.

For the first time one of them responded and said good night back to me, I was very startled from this but I continued to talk to him. I don’t remember the entire conversation but what I do remember is that he introduced himself and told me that he wasn’t there to hurt me. This spirit and I became good friends and I began to see him during the day.

After a couple of years, he and I became so close that I allowed him to actually climb into my body. He had a term for this that I can’t remember. After this happened I stopped seeing the dark figures in my room. I and this spirit would still talk I would “think” things and he would “think” them back to me. It became an addiction for me to spend time with him.

It wasn’t until I was about seventeen years old that he began to use my body without my permission, because of this I got very upset with him and told him to leave my body. And I never saw him again. He just disappeared along with the other figures I used to see.

Submitted by Sammi Teal

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