The Haunted House Next Door

15 February 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I was a child I lived in a rural part of the country. Our house was perfectly fine but the next-door house had a serious of strange events happen that could be called paranormal.

During the 1800’s a man had murdered his family in that house. Then he had committed suicide. After that few people had wanted to stay in the house and people always told of “blood running under the crack of the door.”

From time to time we would hear noises from next door. Crying, sometimes banging, sometimes tapping. It was nothing extreme but a family moved in and they started redecorating the house. After a few days, the wife of the family who moved in knocked on our door and asked if we knew anything about the house. My mother told her everything she knew. She mentioned the murderers, the blood running under the steps, the suicide. Everything she knew. She told us that the first night they’d stayed in that house her husband had seen a face in the wall. An actual face morph from the wall and stretch across the room. My mother thought she was a little crazy and just smiled. She went home and we got on with our lives.

A few weeks later the neighbours wife up and left. She went home. She left her husband with the kids. He told us that she was taking a break and wanted to visit her parents. Nobody thought anymore about the situation until one night we woke up and heard the father screaming outside. One of his children had taken to sleep walking and had wandered off. You have to keep in mind that in the rural parts of our country people rarely lock their doors. My father and the oldest son next door went off to look for the girl who had gone missing. My mother comforted the man and eventually they found the girl wandering down the road.

A few weeks after that he was complaining to my dad about the house being cold. He wanted to install heating—but he wasn’t sure if the walls could take all the work he would have to do to install it. He said the rooms were icy cold. We lived in a similar house and my dad said that we had no such problems. He went into the house and came out in agreement. Something was wrong. It was too cold and there were no real reasons for it to be that cold.

Our dog once ran into the house and started growling when he went upstairs. He wouldn’t enter any of the rooms. He just stood on the landing and growled. The oldest boy told me that the TV would randomly switch channels. The lights would burn out. The fuse box would trip. There would be footsteps on the stairs that would end halfway up the stairs. Apparently, the house was a hive of activity.

The father called a medium because he was sure the house was haunted. The medium told them that there were over fifty spirits in that house—one of the most active was a man who had blood on his bands. Apparently, the house was crawling with them but this one spirit was the strongest. He suggested a cleansing and apparently, it did the trick.

You won’t learn about this incident online though. I don’t think it was well known but it did take place. I could tell more stories about that place too.

Submitted by Rod Segman, United Kingdom

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