The Ghost of the Hanging Student

21 February 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

About fifteen years ago, I helped my boyfriend move into his first home. It was a one bedroom flat. It was in a dingy building but it was his first place and we thought it was exciting.

As you opened the front door there was a long hallway with a door to your right, the bathroom, further down the hallway another door to your left which lead to the bedroom, and straight ahead at the very end was a doorway to the kitchen/sitting room. There was no door though, just the empty frame.

I always felt as though some one was stood in the doorway with their hands on the top of the frame swinging as in a playful way staring at me. I didn’t like the feeling and my boyfriend always agreed something felt wrong. We both felt it was female, never the less I learned to live with it.

I always kept the hallway light on, always woke him up in the night when I needed to go to the bathroom and generally avoided moving around in that doorway.

Several months passed and things got moved, the TV would switch channels for no reason, grunting noises and deep gasps of breath would be heard.

One night, I was taking a bath and saw a shadow of a man on the wall opposite the bath. It moved and flickered as though it were cast by a candle. I have never been so freaked out by anything in my life.

Later, we were in the centre of town where we met an old friend who had lived in the area for quite a while who began to tell us about the pervious tenants. A student couple had lived there and one of them had hung themselves in the kitchen doorway which was why there was no door in the frame. Hence the feeling of someone stood there with their hands up on the doorframe swinging. Freaky stuff.

Well we moved out shortly after and ever since then keep having strange things happen even to this day, whatever was there followed us.

Submitted by Bobbi R

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