The Unseen Presence In My House

23 February 2017 | Haunted houses, Your True Encounters

I was visiting Reddit this morning and came across this story. I reproduce it here because it sounds very similar to some of the experiences I had growing up…

I will start by giving a brief description of the house in which I grew up in and then I will share an experience of my dads. First of all, I could talk about this house forever! Way too much happened in my 18-years of living there to even try and explain in this very short story.

As far back as I can remember, the house was always very active, very creepy, and no matter where you walked in that house, you would always feel as though you were been watched. Right from a very early age, I had experienced creepy things myself, and it seemed like Everyone in the household had a story to tell. Even friends of the family who would watch the house whenever we would go away on Holliday, would often call up to apologise saying they were to frightened to stay inside the house any longer.

I’ve seen things thrown!

I’ve heard somebody whistling a (tune) coming from up the stairs, while I’m the house completely alone.

Any family pets that we ever had would go completely crazy, for no reason whatsoever, snarling at thin air, with all their fur standing on end.

We had horrendous smells unexplainably just appear on the stairs, then disappear.

This thing even began to speak!! (in a woman’s voice) it actually said the words “Gary” which is my dads name.

Hopefully that gives you a better picture of what this house was like to live in?

The story I will now share is one of my dads’ personal experiences, and I will only say that I have no reason not to believe him. My dad is a very forward thinking, level headed guy, that will always look for a reasonable explanation first before jumping to any conclusions. At the time of this experience I must also mention that my mum and dad were going through a divorce and at this point, I was living with my mum, while my older brother & sister had already left the home.

My dad was now living alone inside the house, and like any other night he would religiously make a point of walking around the entire house just before bed, making sure that all the doors were locked and all the electric appliances were turned off at the wall. He then walked up the stairs and climbed in to bed for the night. He was laid there for about 15 to 20 min trying to drift off, when out of nowhere, he heard the distinctive sound of the bedroom door pushing against the carpet (As if someone just walked in the room). He said that his eyes instantly shot wide open and all the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. Laid there, still staring at the wall, and far to scared to turn over, he was completely petrified. He then heard pressure being applied on the carpet walk from the doorway, and all the way down to the foot of his bed, stopping roughly where his head was positioned. My dad is quite a tough guy, but even he admits there was no way he was going to roll over to check who or what this was. So Instead, he faced the wall all night, with his covers pulled around his face he just laid awake for the rest of the night waiting for the sun to come through the bedroom window.

Eventually when the sun did finally come back up, he rolled over to find nobody else in the room with him, however! the bedroom door was still left wide open and to this day he simply has no explanation for what happened that night, or even who was in that room with him? All he knows is that with 100% certainty, it happened! and it scared the living life out of him

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