The Orb of Ghostly Light

28 February 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This happened about a couple of years ago. My mom converted the attic, and it then became my bedroom.

I normally close my curtains at night, because when cars drive by, I can see flashes of light reflect on my walls and it keeps me awake. But on this night, I had forgotten to close them. I wasn’t asleep, in fact I’d just gone to bed and I was laying with my back facing the window with my eyes open. Suddenly the room lit up for a split second, it was as if the light had come on. I assumed it was either cars or lightening and rolled over to face my window. It happened again, but this time something bright appeared to hit my window. Shocked, I thought lightening had struck my window. So, I decided to go over and check the frame. There was nothing there, no marks or anything. Confused, I looked outside and was amazed at what I saw before me.

There was a large orb floating around my neighbors garden. It appeared to vibrate, was about the size of a small ball and it was bright white. Then it started to moved extremely fast, so fast that all I could see was a white trail behind it. Much like when a child waves a sparkler around but bigger. I watched in amazement as it continued to float around, and leave its trails. At times, it moved so fast it seemed to just teleport, and when it did this, the whole sky lit up like lightening. I then realized this was the light from before. After about twenty minutes or so, it finally disappeared with one last flash of light. I wasn’t entirely sure what I’d seen.

The next morning, my mom said that when she went outside she had a strong urge to look up at my window, but she didn’t know why. I then explained what had happened and she believed me. I wonder if she sensed something. Ever since, I’ve kept my curtains open when I stay at my mum’s house, but I have never seen the orb again. But if I did, I wouldn’t be scared that’s for sure. They seemed so friendly with good vibes.

Submitted by Kay Stafford

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