The Giant Graveyard Orb

15 March 2017 | Creepy places, Haunted houses, Haunted items, Your Stories

My brother and my daughter, decided to have a weekend away with me in a village where we stayed in a two-hundred-year-old inn, while there, we saw a notice board with a ghost walk advertised on it, we thought it would be a bit of fun, and agreed to go on it.

When we turned up at the allotted time at the meeting place, which was in front of the old disused graveyard, we were surprised that no one else was there, I asked a young girl passing by if she knew anything about it, she told us it was only on a Friday night that the event took place, and this was Saturday evening, disappointed that we had missed it, we decided to go and have a couple of drinks for some courage and then we set out to have own ghost walk.

Feeling brave, probably because of the alcohol, we entered the graveyard, it felt peaceful, and not at all scary, my brother started taking photographs, they looked a bit eerie, but we didn’t feel too worried, my brother then wandered off on his own taking snaps as he went. We could see the flash on his camera going off across the graves, but couldn’t see him, because the headstones were very high, some were over eight feet tall.

Suddenly, he came running back to where we were standing and showed me the display screen on his camera, we could all see several bright orbs, one of them was enormous! No word of a lie.

Although we were shocked, none of us really felt afraid. Since that night, we have joined a paranormal investigation team, and have been back there a few times, I have some amazing photos that we have taken, and would love to upload them for others to see and maybe comment on.

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