The Vanishing Black Eyed Man

17 March 2017 | Black Eyed Kids, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I hadn’t heard of the BEK until recently, I also came across reports of BEK adults – this happened in 1976 when I was 18yrs., back then I was confident, fun loving and didn’t scare easily

My friend and I decided on a weeks holiday in London, we had saved for months as had intended on going to a show, nightclubs and buying fashionable clothes, we were on our way to do the latter when this happened-

We excitedly clambered on to the tube looking forward to hitting the fashionable boutiques, took our seats chattering about shoes, dresses etc. I happened to look up and on the next section of seats, facing me was a thin man with a long face, he had black hair, pale waxy skin and small black eyes. He sat impassively staring at me with no expression whatsoever, I felt a thud of panic which grew into complete terror and regardless of the amount of people on that tube I had the feeling of being completely alone and in terrible danger.  I tried telling my friend who was oblivious and she kept saying ‘where, where, I don’t see him?’  What?!  You cant see him ? You can’t bloody miss him ! – I wanted to scream but for some odd reason I felt I had to keep quiet and avoid his gaze.  I don’t know how I managed that short journey. I dragged my friend off the tube and made a rush to the lift in a blind panic, I would be safe when out of the Underground and in the daylight.  Huddled in the busy lift praying the doors would close I almost collapsed in terror when there he was in the lift also, no emotion, black eyes watching me – I turned and whimpered to my friend that he was standing in the corner, she said there was nobody with that description there. I kept my head bowed, there was an air of menace and nobody was aware of it. I pushed my way out when the lift doors opened, then turned to check where he was – he didn’t come out the lift, there was only the 1 floor … he had vanished !

What puzzles me is why didn’t my friend see him, why was she so oblivious to my distress, she knew I wasn’t an irrational person, when I tried to explain she said she couldn’t remember me speaking !? It was as though I was in a bubble with that man and anyone outside of it was unaware of the great threat and danger … It was awful – who was he ?

Submitted by Elizabeth Mac

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