Visited by a Demon?

21 March 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I am one to believe in the paranormal, but it still confuses me how they can exist. Anyway, I’ll get to the story. So, last year, I went up to my room, (we have only a 2 story house, and my room is in the attic) and I fell asleep pretty quickly. The day had been ordinary, and I had no reason to be unsettled by bed time. But, strangely, I awoke around 3:00 am to the sound of what I thought was my Mom coming up the stairs. I thought, now why would she be coming up here at this time? So I rolled over and looked. The minute I did, the noise stopped. There was no shadow indicating that someone was there, so I rolled back over, brushing it off. I closed my eyes again, and the noise started back up. This time it sounded like it had made it into my room. Once again, I looked. There was nothing. By this time, I was starting to freak out, so I grabbed my Bible and held it against my chest, praying that God would protect me. The sound of someone walking across my room was very terrifying, and I couldn’t help but throw the covers over my head. The moment I did, I heard a raspy, long, drawn out breath. I don’t know how to describe it, but it sounded like someone with barely a voice screaming. I shot up and saw a dark figure hovered at the foot of my bed. I yelled, IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST I DEMAND YOU LEAVE ME!! Just after, the figure vanished. It was just… gone. I couldn’t sleep the rest of that night, and I spent the rest of the night praying.

Submitted by Holly Simmons

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