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22 March 2017 | G. Michael Vasey's Nightmare Corner

G. Michael Vasey is the author of numerous books on what I would label ghosts and supernatural occurrences. When I had the chance to catch up with Gary, this evening, I found that labeling without understanding the foundations of an author’s philosophy has once more put me on the wrong path.

I found the conversation fascinating. The topics discussed in a very short time were bi-location, origins of ghosts, time travel, and magic. Gary was a Texas resident for more than twenty years and brings an international, as well as Western, perspective to his unique area of concentration.

Here are the intriguing thoughts of highly successful author and supernatural researcher Gary Vasey:

In One Place with Gripping Author Gary Vasey

BB: Tell me about Ghosts of the Living.

GV: I was talking to my mother, she lives alone – my father passed away a few years ago, I was talking to my mother and she knows I have an interest in such matters. She said, “Is it possible a living person can appear as a ghost?”

I was speechless and I asked, “Why?”

She said, “I keep seeing my sister.”

She told me how she was sitting in the kitchen one day. When she stood up from getting something from the floor level, she saw her sister. She reacted in shock, jumped back, and her sister sort of vanished. Then the following day, she saw her sister looking through the window—there’s a little window at the front door that people look in when they ring the doorbell—so she went to the front door and opened it and nobody was there and no sign of her sister.

I said to my mother, “I can think of a number of possibilities but have no clue.”

There’s nothing wrong with her sister; she’s alive and kicking. I was thinking what a great topic for some research. If you think about Ghosts of the Living, history is full of such things. I’ve covered them in a couple of different books. The ability for some magicians and philosophers to be in two or more places at once would be a good example.

I’m thinking of people who were alchemists in the fourteenth, sixteenth century, who were actually seen in two places simultaneously. This is something that’s a recurring theme. I wrote a book called God’s Pretenders which was short biographies of alchemists and magicians going back to Biblical times all the way up to modern times.

There’s a common theme back then of these wandering philosophers, alchemists, that studied all kinds of different things in different universities across Europe, were very intelligent men, renowned. These people were actually able to be seen in two places. Of course, there was no way to verify simultaneously, but certainly you can find accounts in literature where people have validated that on a certain day at a certain time he was seen in London and also seen in Luxembourg attending a party.

That’s one example. I’m going to look at it in more detail because I have covered it as a peripheral topic in this book God’s Pretenders. The other type that we’ve covered in books and on the websites is the idea of a doppelganger, which is a body double. People see their own double, which usually means some stroke of misfortune or stroke of doom.

There’s one more experience that fits in the Ghosts of the Living book that I’ve had myself or some people have had. In my instance, I was a young Ph.D. student and I found myself, twenty or thirty years ago in Nova Scotia, driving a rented Ford Mustang, which was a very nice and powerful car down a gravel road through the forest.

I’m twenty-one, so I have the foot down, driving along like a maniac, gravel flying up, dust everywhere, really enjoying myself on a hot sunny day with the windows down and the radio blaring. As I’m doing this, I hear a voice from the back seat say, “Slow down!” I turned around quickly. There was nobody in the back seat, my heart was racing, I slammed the brakes on.

I heard, “Gary, slow down,” again from the back seat, so I turned around again and there was nobody there. It really had an impact on me, so I slowed almost to ten or fifteen miles an hour and just at that minute I came to a hairpin bend. I only just made it around, skidding in the gravel. I stopped the car, shaking, sweating profusely. I got out and I would have gone straight off into a ravine if it wasn’t for that voice from the back seat.

Apparently, this is not an unusual experience. This is another sort of Ghost of the Living. How does someone’s voice transport itself five hundred to a thousand miles and speak to you in the dead of night? How does a voice speak to you from the back of a car?

There was another interesting story that someone brought to the website that got into one of the Your Haunted Lives books. A man is listening to the radio while he’s driving along and a woman telephones into the station. She’s talking on the radio and the guy recognizes the voice of that of his aunt. He listens to the conversation, picks up the points she was making, and then she’s gone.

When he gets home he tells his mother, “You’ll never guess. Your sister was on the radio.”

His mother looks at him odd and says, “When was this?”

“It was just about an hour ago.”

The mother said, “That can’t be. She was actually having surgery. She’s still having surgery right now.”

There are a lot of these instances where people are able to project part of themselves, a voice, or project an image of themselves when there’s some trouble or concern or when they’re thinking real hard about somebody. Maybe this skill, in the past, was used by alchemists who narrowed it down to a fine art.

BB: How are Ghosts of the Living and ghosts of the dead alike?
GV: Have you ever heard of St. Germain? St. Germain was reputed to have the ability to be in multiple places at once. This was a very mysterious gentleman who intervened in the courts of Europe. He never aged, he was mysteriously wealthy, courted the royalty around Europe, was able to speak multiple languages eloquently and without accent, and he was able to be in more than two places at once. That’s well documented. There are texts from the time talking about this interesting St. Germain character who was able to be in one court when he was supposed to be in another.

In that God’s Pretenders book, the final chapter was written about an anonymous character called the “Ordinary Magician.” The Ordinary Magician was a man who wrote and joined in the discussion on a discussion board on the web. The discussion group was centered around Franz Bardon. He’s an obscure Czech magician who wrote four books.

If you do the four books properly, you’d become a good magician. Franz Bardon was walking with a friend, demonstrating his control of the weather. He made a storm appear and made it rain. As the poor chap was getting drenched, the rain wasn’t landing on Franz Bardon. He remained dry the entire time. That’s a story that comes from an autobiographical account of his life.

This guy started talking with people on the Internet, sharing frustrations with Bardon’s methods which are very rigorous and involve controlling your own mind, very imaginative, and involve such things as breathing in fire and water. As he was talking and encouraging his fellow students, he would disappear for periods of time.

This guy claimed he could do everything from walk on water to eject fire from his solar plexus. “I can do all of this because I stumbled on a dusty book by Franz Bardon twenty years ago.” During the conversations, he mentions not only the ability to be in two places at once, but to actually step out of time.

If he had a difficult problem to study, he could step out of time where he could consider the problem for weeks without the need to eat or sleep and then step back into time a second later. I know it sounds far-fetched, but a friend of mine who studied Bardon wrote the book on these conversations. It’s called The Adept Magician by Marten Crawford.

The last chapter of God’s Pretenders is actually a summarization of this individual and what he was able to do. I’ve actually got the book opened in front of me. He writes, “I’ve developed distinct magical abilities including the ability to be two distinct individuals in different places, stop time, change my appearance, project fire from my abdomen, or project water to put it out again. I have three hundred and sixty degree vision and the ability to change the weather. I can’t yet speak thought into reality but I’m hoping to get there soon.”

For the last twenty years, I’ve been studying magic in England through a group called The Servants of the Light and became interested in Bardon’s approach. I’ve seen strange things performed by people who’ve spent a lot of time working on this stuff.

I think Ghost of the Living, ghosts of the dead, UFOs, paranormal type things come down to the concept that we create our own reality. Scientists believe we live in a matrix, scientists believe we live in a computer simulation or this kind of thing. Or if you’ve read books by Anthony Peake that are probing the near death experience and make sense of life after death and what form it takes, then they bring together all branches of science and historical philosophy as well.

If you really sit back and think about it, everything you see, everything you feel, everything you hear, you don’t. You basically experience this in your mind. You don’t actually hear anything—what you get is some vibrations against your ear drum and your brain converts that into some kind of sound.

We get some vibration or frequency into our eyes and our brain is able to convert that into an image. It even turns it the right way up because the image enters the eye upside down. If you really sit back and think about it, you do not interact directly with your environment at all. Everything is interpreted inside the mind, by the brain or the conscious mind, and presented to you as an image based on your experience of things you’ve seen before.

This is why, if an alien actually came to Earth, would you even see an alien? Because, just like the tribes back in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries saw ships but didn’t actually see them because they never saw any such things with sails, it’s quite possible that we wouldn’t see an alien. Because we wouldn’t know how to interpret what we were seeing.

So there’s this idea that reality is in our own mind within our own self. To give you a couple other examples: I could point at the wallpaper and we would agree it was green with pink flowers. Are we really both seeing the same thing? We don’t know. We just know our interpretation of what we’re seeing is similar.

We may be seeing something completely different. Your green may be my purple. Your yellow my red. We have all of these forces at work from the moment we’re born that are shaping how we see the world internally.

This can go one step further to the point if I want to follow someone like Franz Bardon, and use my imaginative faculties, and imagine something into reality, I can do it because it’s my reality. Yes, we co-create reality, but I play a role in co-creating that reality.

So, you always have those people who have never seen a ghost, deny they exist, and even if they went into a haunted house where every night for a week something had happened, the moment they walk in nothing happens at all. This is because, in their reality, there is no ghost. There’s no such thing and never will be. To some extent, we create our own reality.

I was afraid to sleep in the dark and wanted to do something about it. When I came out of a five-year course, I was able to suppress my fears, dampen them. I was in control of my reality to a certain degree. But what’s really funny is sometimes sitting here in the morning is when I post the story to

As I post those stories, if they’re creepy and interesting, I really read them. And there’s times when I’m reading them, I’ll hear something from the living room. It sounds like a kid’s speaking doll. The first time I froze, and the hair on the back of my neck went up on end. I thought I’m imagining it. Then it happened again and I got up and walked out to look if my daughter had left some speaking thing somewhere but I couldn’t find anything.

I just said, “No, I’m not going to have that. I don’t want that.”

It went away, but then a few days later when I was posting a story, I had the same experience – and I had it three, four, or five times now. I’m not the only one. There’s a guy who I work with who does a podcast called Weird Darkness, a very talented individual called Darren Marlar. He’s from up in Chicago and does a weekly podcast from stories on our website called My Haunted Life Tuesdays.

He told me that he’s had a similar experience. He’s had the experience that he’s narrating someone’s creepy story and the lights will flicker. It’s the same thing. What you’re doing is allowing your perception of reality to be open and imagining, and that becomes reality.

We create our own reality. We create our own world. We do that through family, we do that through culture, religion, and we learn how to experience things. I’m afraid that if we allow ourselves to be closed in, then we can be very closed minded individuals. If we allow ourselves to be too open and we have an uncontrolled imagination, then you can start to see and experience all kinds of things.

I’m sure some of the people in insane asylums, that’s their problem. They’ve never learned to control their imagination. They’ve never learned the difference between imagination and reality because they’re the same thing but just opposite ends of the scale.

My interest in writing all these books isn’t ghosts; it isn’t life after death. My interest is how we perceive and create our own reality. To me, the paranormal is an area where people are open to allowing fears and imagination to get out of control and take on the perception of reality.

BB: If people buy into their own reality it’s a bit like groupthink isn’t it?
GV: There’s a word called thoughtform which is when you use your imagination so well that you imagine a thoughtform. Then you get into the world of Sucubi and so forth. People believe they’re being visited and having sex with ghosts. But this is thoughtform, essentially.

If I say Avon Calling I’m sure you formed a thought in your mind because we have a shared thoughtform. We’re inundated by marketing messages, political messages, religious messages all the time. The people behind this know how this works psychologically, but it also works magically in the sense that this is how magic is performed.

If someone curses someone in black magic, they’re creating a thoughtform and sending a thoughtform, and the other person shares that thoughtform and off you go. You have a problem.
We’re getting off track. The reason I write about ghosts and collect stories about ghosts is for me. This is the periphery of acceptable reality. Let’s talk about Black Eyed Kids. Do you know about Black Eyed Kids?

BB: I’ve not read the book. I saw that you wrote a book called Black Eyed Kids.

GV: It’s sort of an urban myth, like slender man. There’s a common pattern to the story: Knock on the door, feeling of dread, open the door, pale colored kids, feeling of horror, revulsion, paralysis as well. A feeling that you want to help them, but every cell and sinew in your body is telling you to run. They can speak in eighteenth century English. Sometimes there are adults with them and sometimes not.

What they want is to be let in. Let into the house. It’s at this point that a person realizes the kid has eyes that are jet black. That’s usually enough to slam the door in the face and hide until they’ve left. There are a few stories about people who’ve let them in. The two stories I came across were not very positive. The people both died from cancer.

There’s this idea that a lot of people who’ve disappeared in places, like the United States, have opened the door to these people and somehow been consumed. This kind of story has been around. The American Indians have stories about pale colored beings that steal your soul; same thing in Japan. The urban myth has some basis in reality, a shared experience.

The idea of letting somebody in refers to possession. I, as an individual, have to grant permission for the entity to enter my body. Letting the entity cross the threshold is granting permission. You have this story of kids with black eyes—if you think about Hollywood movies, black eyes are for evil—so you have this evil being masquerading as a child and you give them permission and they possess you. Horrible things happen to you as a result.

Speaks to the edge of reality and what you allow in. I came to the conclusion that there was enough shared experience, in that experience was an echo of a vampire or a demon possessor. If black eyed kids knock on your door, you shouldn’t answer [laughs].

BB: Are you saying black eyed kids are real?
GV: That’s where this gets fuzzy because, if you read some of the stories, it’s the same story over and over again. Do people imagine they read this and imagine it happened to them? Is it an experience that they imagined? Yes, I do believe that black eyed kids exist, and evil exists, and independent evil entities exist.

Some people see more reality than others. Others allow themselves to grow into seeing more and others narrow. They take on the shared world view of colleagues and friends.

Social media is having a big influence on the world. Social media reinforces your own perception of the world. I think social media is a narrowing of our reality and our ability to create reality.

So this is a different conversation that the one you expected?

BB: It’s different but the same because we’re talking about underlying issues that make people believe in Ghosts of the Living.
GV: Or ghosts of the dead. The first paranormal thing I can remember happening to me—I shared a room with my brother. We had a semi-detached house from the 1920s in England. My father had nicely finished building wooden cupboards and wardrobes and had put a desk so that we could do our homework. Sort of in the middle.

I was in bed and something woke me up. I sort of peered around the room and, to my utter horror, sitting – not at the desk but almost at the desk, head down and scribbling away – was this translucent white figure of a cavalier. You know what I mean by cavalier? A sixteenth century person, like a roundhead with a scarf around his neck?

At first I was just paralyzed with fear. I sort of let out a muffled scream. At that point I turned around and saw my brother staring at this thing sitting at the desk. It got up, without interfering with us in any way, and sort of drifted across the room and out the wall. And then my brother and I look at each other and screamed until my parents came in.

That was the first time I experienced anything like that, the first of many. And I just remember the fear of what this thing could be and why it was there. And you start to let this fear into your reality. I started to think that whatever these things are, they feed on your fear.

I had a lot of poltergeist experiences in that house when I was a teen. Doors open, things moving around, people walking upstairs. My father would hear some of this stuff and would say, “Gary, what you got to do is you got to get angry. Because it’s your fear, it’s like food for them.”

So what I found is to get angry at them stops them. I found this to be a successful strategy, although at the time, I was still scared. I guess now I’ve come to the conclusion there’s an element of truth in that. Fear strengthens the phenomenon. I just ignore it, and it stops it from happening altogether.

BB: What is there to fear from an entity like you talked about?

GV: Nothing. Unless it becomes something like a vampire, which feeds off your energy. Franz Bardon talks about things that feed off your entity. You can attract an entity that feeds off you when you engage in negative behavior. That entity feeds off your behavior.

You can either believe there are parasites or can deny that such a thing exists. It doesn’t really matter because it’s in your reality.

BB: When I was in Windsor, I went up to the castle and touched it. If anybody touched it, they would’ve felt the same thing as me. So the castle is there, right?
GV: The castle is there because it’s a shared reality. But who’s to know if you’re living in one of any parallel universes? It may not exist in one of those universes. In this universe, it exists. Remember, faith can move mountains.

I really believe that. I wrote a book on how to create your own reality. If you get into some of the current thoughts of how magic works, one of the ways is through prayer. And through imagination and faith. You have to believe. You have to call upon a higher power able to make it happen. It’s called the god form. Magicians will become, in their mind, a god. That’s why in magic, there’s a lot of old gods.

If you can become that god, in your mind, and use that god’s powers and really believe it’s going to happen – then magic can happen. People have laughed at me and say, “This is nonsense.” Then why do high level athletes hire coaches to get them to imagine themselves winning?

You create the reality on the inside and project it to the outside. That’s what we do all the time. The first thing you have to do is balance yourself. You have to understand yourself. It wouldn’t be prudent for the man in the street to have the powers that Jesus was reputed to have. Because what would happen would be they’d get cut off in traffic, curse the guy who did it, and there’d be a nasty accident.

I think right now it’s ghosts, black eyed kids, Ghosts of the Living is where I’m going next. It’s ghosts, reality, creating your own reality. Maybe some people can project their voice in a time of need. Maybe this is a power that’s dormant in all of us and comes out at a critical moment.

My grandfather told me about the time when his brother died. He was sixteen years old and signed up for the merchant navy in 1940-41. Everyone said he was a nice kid, a good looking guy. Off he went on his first voyage. One night there was a massive thump in the house, and Grandad got up and switched on all the lights, went around the house looking for what made this almighty crunching sound. They found nothing. About a week later, they got the telegram that, around that time, his ship had been torpedoed. He was dead.

So was this the involuntary final act of projecting himself back to his home. The impact was this sound, like an explosion in the house. Maybe it’s something we’re all capable of but don’t believe we can do it because we can’t believe we can. But maybe in that last-ditch moment, we can do it.

It’s a crazy world, and by exploring some of these issues… I think that nationality, religion, and politics are a way to cage us in.

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