The Spitting Demon

07 April 2017 | Demons, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I was about 4 or 5 years old I had an experience that I have tried to make sense of ever since. I had just gone to bed on a summer’s night. I know it was summer because it was still light outside, probably about 8:30 p.m.

I had not been in bed long and I looked up to the window above and to the left of my bed. I saw a figure in a dark hood. I could not see a face. Just blackness. Then the figure spat on me. I felt totally paralyzed. I didn’t know what else to do, but as crazy as this may sound, I tried to spit back at the figures. At that point, they disappeared. I didn’t see them again.

I told my parents about it, but they insisted it was a bad dream. So, I tried to convince myself that it must have been a nightmare for most of my life.

However, many years later my pastor and I were having lunch and somehow the topic turned to the “world of darkness,” for lack of a handier term. So, I told him about my experience, and he pointed out some things that lead me to believe this was more than a dream.

First, this would have occurred around 1967-1968. It wasn’t like it is today with all the scary movies. In fact, TV was rather wholesome. It was unlikely that I saw something on TV that foreshadowed this and came out in a dream.

About spitting, my pastor said this is a very specific demonic activity, however he didn’t know the meaning of it. Does anyone have any idea about this?

Submitted by Peter, Nebraska

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