Gold Flames

19 April 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My mom’s family has had various encounters with the supernatural and although this one is short, this is probably one of the strangest I’ve heard so far and I’m hoping to get some answers.

This happened to my grandmother back when she was young. My grandfather would take her and their kids on small trips out of town. On this particular trip, which was just a little relaxing in the desert, my grandmother spotted golden flames in the distance as they were leaving. She told her husband that there was something burning, but he said there was nothing there.

About a day or two later, my grandmother had gotten word that someone had dug up the very spot where she had seen the flames and disappeared, leaving behind small empty containers which had been unburied earlier. No one knows what was in them, but my grandmother thinks it may have been gold. She saw the flames again years later in a different area where supposedly treasure was hidden. However, according to her, someone had found it since she doesn’t see the flames there anymore.

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