The Friendly Ghost Who Haunts My Dreams

25 April 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

We moved into a bigger house recently where I have been having some strange experiences. These are not frightening, or creepy, but do interest me.

I was sleeping one night, having a bad dream, I woke up out of nowhere. I was laid on my left side facing my room and as I turned over to go back to sleep on my right side, I looked through my bedroom door and saw a dark male shadow figure. I did a double-take but when I looked back it was obviously gone. It didn’t feel threatening nor did it frighten or startle me. In fact, I just rolled over and went back to sleep peacefully. I believe this spirit has been watching over me and he could have even pulled me out of the bad dream to save me from being scared and losing sleep. I do not get the feeling that this spirit means me any harm.

I’ve seen quite a few shadows in this house. Another encounter that sticks out to me is when a dark figure walked right past me into the kitchen while I was coming out of the kitchen into the dining room. It felt like something brushed past me and made me shudder a little but obviously when I turned to look nothing was there.

I’ve also seen shadows on the stairs and I’ve heard footsteps. I would love to ask a medium to try to contact this spirit. I have no wish to make him leave—but I would like to be able to communicate with it.

Ruth Bennett, Ohio

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