The Phantom Knocker

27 April 2017 | Audible Activity, Haunted houses, Poltergeist, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Since February I have been hearing knocks all around my house. It started one night at around 3am. I was having a tough time falling asleep so I went downstairs to watch TV. I’m sitting on the couch watching infomercials, when I heard a male voice call me from my room. I go to my room and asked my husband what he needed but he was fast asleep.

A few weeks later, I heard knocks under the house, but I dismissed it as neighborhood cats under the house. That happens all the time. I went to bed and thought nothing of it until I heard three really loud bangs on my front door at around 3am in the morning. I went to get a bat and see who was at the door. When I got there… I saw nobody. I started to look around the house and down the road… nothing there. Well it stopped for a while after that night then about a month later, I was home alone and getting ready to take a shower and on the bathroom door… I heard bang, bang, bang. I thought that my husband had come home early and was letting me know he was home. I poked my head out of the door no one was there so I yelled, “what are you doing home so soon?” I got no response. I was thoroughly freaked out.

Nothing happened after that until last Friday when my mom came over to see me. As she was getting ready to go she yelled at me and said that someone was at the door so I went to answer the door and nobody was there. When I told my mom the whole story she was freaked out and very mad at me for not telling her but, I needed to make sure that it wasn’t just me. So, I have been just sitting back and observing and trying figure out what exactly what is going on.

Cindy Ferrante, Atlanta

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