A Sinister Black Eyed Man in the Backyard

28 April 2017 | Black Eyed Kids, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

It was June 2016, Roseville California, 3pm. I began to make my way to my ex-sister-in-laws house. Four of my nieces stay with her and her new husband. I knocked on the door to smiling faces and a barking dog. This dog wouldn’t stop barking and stayed close to the two littlest girls, 3 and 4 years old. Their names, Devin and Danni, golden hair and blue eyes. Their mother, Lindsey was finishing dinner before heading out to get the other two older girls, Ashlynn and Harley, 10 years old and 15 years old. Lindsey asked me to watch the two little ones while she ran to get the other girls.

I sat on the couch with Danni and Devin, but then Devin ran to the back sliding door and screamed. Danni ran over, held her sister and screamed. I jumped up as fast as I could. Behind Danni, I saw a shadow disappear into nothing in the backyard. The dog was barking and the girls kept screaming then dashed down the hallway as their mother and older sisters walked into the front door. The dog didn’t move at all, but glared out the slider door. For a moment I completely forgot there was a shadow in the backyard during complete daylight.

It was now 3:30pm and everyone either doing homework or eating. Lindsey and I were having amazing afternoon together. It was fine until she walked to the slider door and looked out for a moment before she slowly closed the curtain. The two little ones point out the door yelling “Mommy, there is a man out there” over and over. Lindsey took a long time closing the curtain and as I got close, she yelled at the girls “Enough already there is no one out there.” However, before she could close the curtain fully, I saw a man standing in the back yard, slim man, dark eyes, suit black, white shirt, skinny thin black tie, he was pale white, his lips very light pink, and a black hat like a detectives hat. He tilted his head to his right and held up his left hand, pushing his index finger to his lips, saying “shhhhh” as his head turned back right side up. It felt like doom was near, felt like there was anger in that house, and all I wanted to do was run away. I went to the garage to have a cig. I couldn’t believe what I had seen and then Lindsey came out. She told me that I was unwelcome in her home and I was never to see her kids again. The anger in her eyes. I watched them turn into darker color – into black.

I left that day, depressed, sad, and felt something like death enter my soul. To this day that memory scares me, I still hear him speak in my head, I wasn’t suppose to see him, he wanted me to stay “ahhh“, that was the only noise my ears heard. Though my minds kept hearing, you shouldn’t able to see me.

What made me really scared was that three months before that slim man entered my mind or my mind made it up because of the fear, I am not sure. I heard a podcast on the radio going on about black eyed children and adults. I went home after Lindsey yelling at me, saying I was unwanted. I told my husband, and he said “You are not alone. Once you hear about them or see them or both, they are with you for life.” My husband doesn’t recall saying that at all, but remembers researching the slim man and telling me facts. Today, April 2017, I heard about the black eyed children again, then I knew I had to say something because I wasn’t alone and I want answers.

Submitted by Michelle Bair

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