My Life As An Abductee and Other Stories – Weird Darkness

03 May 2017 | My Haunted Life Toosdays, Your True Encounters

In this episode: After several strange occurrences around his home, a boy begins to think it’s not his house that is haunted… but him. *** A woman sees a dark, nightly shadow in her backyard… in the middle of the afternoon. *** At first, the young woman heard a man’s voice call her name from the other room – but then came the knocking… for days and weeks on end. *** And, the true tale of what can only be described an alien abduction.

Featured in this episode from…

“My Life As An Abductee”
Submitted by ‘Gambit’…

“Am I Haunted”
Submitted by Geoffrey…

“A Sinister Black Eyed Man In The Backyard”
Submitted by Michelle Bair…

“The Phantom Knocker”
Submitted by Cindy Ferrante…

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Maureen Anne MESI
Keith Conrad

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