My Doppelganger?

09 May 2017 | Living Ghosts, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Just last week, I was on Reddit asking people for Poltergeist experiences and came across this strange story. To me this is a classic, doppelganger or bilocation just like those I discuss in my last book Ghosts of the Living…..

This happened a few hours ago, still scared to go downstairs.

I’ll preface this by saying I have been hearing faint voices and seeing things out of the corner of my eye, although I kind of assumed this was from lack of sleep (I’m a student with a load of homework, I can’t afford the luxury of sleep…). Nothing else has happened in our house.

My brother (10, we’ll call him Mark) and I were home alone for a few hours late at night. Basically, our house has two down stairs bathroom about 20 feet away from each other. I ran downstairs to use the one in my parents room and when I came out, Mark was standing outside the other bathroom door down the dark hallway. I ask what he’s doing and he looks confused. That’s when I notice the bathroom door is closed and the light is on. A moment passes and Mark runs into my arms freaking out, he drags me upstairs. I ask him what’s going on.

“I was just talking to you!” Mark yells.

Apparently, the few minutes I was in the bathroom, Mark was having a full on conversation with ‘me’ in the OTHER bathroom. Like, they talked about the laundry basket and if I wanted to play video games. Usually I wouldn’t believe him, but I know when he’s lying and this kid was freaked the hell out, crying, and everything. Plus, I kind of heard Mark mumbling from across the hall when I was in the bathroom but just assumed he was just playing or whatever.

What really scares me is he said it was ME talking to him. Like, my voice conversing with him. He won’t go downstairs and I tried to make light of it and joke around, really I’m scared too.

What the hell was that? Nothing like that has happened the whole three years we’ve lived here.

Does anyone have any answers??

Submitted to Reddit by spookyghostplshelp

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