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17 May 2017 | Haunted locations, Poltergeist, Your True Encounters

Imagine checking into your hotel room only to experience poltergeist activity? No?

Well, the Holiday Inn Express in Leeds City Center apparently has poltergeist – at least according to this Tripadvisor reviewer..

This hotel is great value for money and is ideally situated in the centre of Leeds and no more than a 20 min walk to most places that you will want to visit. The bar area is fine and the breakfast cooked and the basic fayre that you would expect. The rooms are of ample size and the bed was very comfortable. Service from the hotel team was great throughout.

Two things let it down for us and hence not five stars:

– There were only decaf coffee sachets in the room and after a heavy night out, we needed lots of caffeine the next day!

– The room must be haunted! At about 5:30am all the lights in the room came on and the TV switched itself on and was blaring with sound.

Upon checking out we asked if this was some form of freaky wake up system for heavy sleepers, but were assured that it was not and that they had never heard of this before. I have put it down to the fact that my other half has more than her share of gypsy blood! Hope she does not read this….. However – BE WARNED THOSE OF YOU BRAVE ENOUGH TO BOOK THIS ROOM!

Hotel Globo in Formigine, Italy also seems suspect according to this reviewer….

Nice place, very clean and quite hospitable, excluding maybe the welcome at breakfast: it seemed an army discipline style rather than a relaxation one.

For the rest we had a very good time there enjoying also a small garden in front of the property and nice suggestions for dinner provided by the hotel stuff.

The only weird thing was a kind of paranormal activity in our room we came across for two evenings: upon return to the room in the afternoon we found the TV mysteriously switched on on soap operas channel, twice in two days. And nobody could explain the reason for that strange fact. When it happened for the second time we did not even get scared.

Nevertheless, if you plan the Ferrari factory and museum visit traveling by car, you, for sure, will find the location very convenient.

And finally, how about this couple’s scary experience at The Green Dragon in Hereford, England?

I was a bit nervous staying at the hotel as we were aware that there had been paranormal activity on floor 3, my hubby reassured me that we would be ok. We ate in the hotel restaurant the first night but, wasn’t impressed and found that the so called buffet was not appetizing with a lot of empty food containers (poor)…….

We had two incidents in the room of the glass containing our toothbrushes landing in the sink quite violently, weird but, let it go until the last morning at 1am when I was awoken by my hubby extremely nervous pointing out that the kettle had suddenly come on. There was no way that the kettle was faulty as it had all the safety stickers still attached.

We couldn’t wait to go home although, we will be returning to Hereford again.

Just to somewhere more suitable without Mr or Mrs Ghost for company!!!.

Such poor reviews and to think that some people would pay extra to lodge with a poltergeist!

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