Right Said Fred

18 May 2017 | Haunted houses, Poltergeist, Your True Encounters

Today, I pulled someone’s post from Reddit as it is really quite a good story. I am researching poltergeist stories for the next Kindle short and this one shows that sometimes, they do have a sense of humor. This also reminds me of an incident I experienced and wrote about in one of the MyHaunted Life books….

I experienced any number of bizarre happenings when I was in college. One was the poltergeist in my best friend’s apartment.

Strange stuff had started happening there early in the spring semester of my second year. Doors would lock by themselves. Strange scraping and banging sounds came from the walls. A sense of presence and being watched settled over things, objects would disappear and be found elsewhere. Even my friend’s skeptic roommate started looking behind him in the hallways.

To put a name to the shenanigans, we started calling the ghost — or whatever — “Fred.” Fred seemed generally benign, more of a trickster than anything. But there was one memorable time when Fred apparently had enough of skeptics.

A group had gathered at my friend’s apartment, five guys not including myself as I remember. I was sitting on the floor, most were on a couch facing a wall, my friend was in a chair opposite me.

We began talking about Fred. One of the company loudly proclaimed they didn’t believe in ghosts.

At that point, a mighty slam came from the wall opposite us, as if someone or something had hit the wall beyond with incredible strength. The wall itself was a divider between the kitchen and the living area. No one was over there, and there were no planes overhead to produce sonic booms or minor temblors below to account for it.

As the slam startled us, a picture hanging on the wall opposite the guy who’d made the proclamation flew off the wall, with enough force to slide across the carpet and stop at the guy’s feet.
He became a believer. Some of the rest of us applauded. “Way to go, Fred.”

My friend eventually moved from there to a new apartment in the same complex. Fred did not follow.

I still remember it as one of the most amazing experiences of this type I’ve had. The multiple witnesses were like icing on the cake. I know that apartment complex is still there, and I often wonder 20 years if Fred is still knocking around.

Originally submitted to reddit by user Djehuty94

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