The Girl in the Chair

22 May 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I can assure you, this story is 100% true. This took place during March during spring break. If you dislike any paranormal things, I suggest you don’t continue!
My name is Alexa. I’m a young teenager with average grades and an average life. It happened when I was in the middle of 6th grade. During Spring Break, I was invited to stay at my friends house for two nights. It was the day I was heading to her house. This was the first time I that I had visited her dads house and only ever been to her mothers place before. After a long drive, I slipped off my headphones that were blaring some Ke$ha song. I got out of the car with a wide grin and scurried eagerly to meet Lauren’s father. He was a nice guy, he looked normal, completely typical. It was only a matter of time before I was dragged off towards Lauren’s room. She shared a room with her older sister, Makenna. We spent about 3 hours just chatting and lounging. I don’t know how to describe it, but I would always get this odd vibe in that room. After a good movie marathon, we were all pretty tired. I climbed up into the top bunk of the bed to meet up with Lauren whom was fumbling around with her iPod. It was only a few moments later, I was out. I was asleep.

I remember waking up with half-lidded eyes. My body was turned to face the whole entire room, I reached for my iPad which was by my feet. I quickly eyed the clock before huffing. It was around 3:15 AM. My eyes only barely glanced across the room until I came across the chair which was oddly in the middle of the room. It was Lauren’s desk chair. It spun, then I realized, there was something seated in the chair. It was a pale skinned girl. Her hair was long and white and everything she wore was white. She just spun around in the chair. Having been half awake, I only assumed it was Makenna or Lauren. I easily fell back asleep without a second thought.

When I woke up that morning, Lauren was found sleeping in the hallway with blankets wrapped tightly around her torso. Makenna was asleep in the bottom bunk. I wondered why the heck Lauren was in the hallway, when I asked her. All she said was that I was thrashing around in the top bunk, so she just let me be in case she would get a black eye. Then I mentioned the girl in the chair. She of course was very confused. I remember the look on her face that just screamed how creeped out she was. She denied that she was the one spinning in the desk chair. When Makenna awoke, we bombarded her with the same questions. Still, they were both denying.

Desperate, we all scurried downstairs where sat Lauren’s father and her little brother. We bombarded them with questions even though we knew it was a girl spinning in the chair and not a male.

To this day, I have no idea what I saw. But I can assure you, it wasn’t anything I know.

I slept there a few more times and everything was normal. Except one night. Makenna and Lauren had shifted their bunk bed to face a different direction as they had just received a new TV set. What I liked the most, is that the desk wasn’t in line of sight if you were to wake up in the middle of the night. After watching some action movies, I had fallen asleep. Once again., upon the top bunk. I awoke around the same time, facing the wall. I couldn’t see anything around me from my position. I could hear slight bickering from the bottom bunk, fighting over space on the mattress. That’s when I realized Lauren and Makenna were attempting to share the bottom bunk due to my thrashing. I was never a gentle sleeper. I guess Lauren had said something to anger Makenna. That’s what I felt as if something was behind me. I reluctantly rolled over. Across the room, by the tall lamp and by the window was something tall. It was tall and cloaked up. I couldn’t see a face. I stared at it for what felt like an eternity, just eyeing it with a wide pair of shocked eyes. I quickly beckoned for Lauren to turn on the lights, I expected her to go towards the light switch by the entrance of the room. Instead, she had wandered towards the lamp. When arising panic happened, My knees grew weak. I knew I was about to lose my best friend. That is, until the light flicked on. Lauren turned to me with a confused expression. I simply ushered her off and thanked her before giving off a simple excuse, I made sure to explain the whole truth the next day.

To this day, Lauren will joke and say I’m delusional. But now I don’t know what I saw, but everything is different.

Submitted by Alexa

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