Vivid Touch

29 May 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This occurrence happened about one and a half years ago. This is not a scary story, but I want to tell it to you because it is my precious experience. It happened in my house.

At that time, I had been studying throughout the night. I went to bed about 5:00 AM I dreamed. In the dream, I met a man. He was my relative I was surprised because he had died about a half a year before. I talked with him and touched his arm. He touched my arm and squeezed it strongly but affectionately. Then I woke up. I knew that this occurrence wasn’t only a dream because the mark of his hand where he had touched me was still vividly there on my arm. I knew that he still existed somewhere. I cried very much after that. -– Erika Miyata

Extract from the new book – Kanashibari: True Encounters With the Paranormal In Japan by Thomas Bauerle

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