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30 May 2017 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My Grandmother’s house is an old style Victorian house where there is one long hallway and all rooms are off the hallway. She has had this house since my father was about 2 years old. She and my Grandfather lived about an hour or so, away from us so on school holidays I would go and visit them for a week at a time. I used to sleep in my father’s old room (with the door open) and opposite the doorway, on the wall, was a long clothes rack, where my Grandparents would put their coats, scarfs, and hats etc.

Some nights, in the middle of the night, I would wake up to a tall man, about 7-8 foot tall, huge scruffy beard, wearing a beanie, and a huge big jacket, standing at the very end of the bed (the bed faced the doorway, out to the hallway). I would sort of describe him as “lumberjack/fisherman” type. I would scream and yell and the man would slowly and calmly turn around and walk back down the hallway towards the front door. My Grandmother would come in and ask what was the matter, and when I told her what I saw, she brushed it off as having a bad dream and that I was just seeing the coats hanging on the coat rack – not a man, and told me to go back to sleep (mind you, I don’t normally have dreams, and when I do, the things that happen in them come true, sort of like a premonition). This happened a few times over the years and each time my Grandmother would tell me the exact same thing, that is was just to coats, or a bad dream.

Fast Forward to when I was 18-19. I would go and visit my Grandmother for the day, and this particular day, somehow, we got chatting about the “bad dreams” `I used to have about the “lumberjack” man in the night. My Grandmother then says to me “oh you mean the ghost, I call him Frank”. And I was like “WHHHAAATTTTTT”. She then explains to me that ever since they bought the house, this man has been in there and she sees him all the time, and if she wakes up in the middle of the night and he is at the end of her bed, she usually says “Hello” and goes back to sleep. She said that he is very friendly and has never done any harm, so has never bothered to ask him to leave or anything. I had to ask her a few times to make sure she wasn’t pulling my leg or anything, but she told me she never wanted to tell me when I was young, because she thought I wouldn’t be able to sleep there again.

So when I go home that afternoon, I was sitting at the kitchen table with my Mum talking to her about the conversation I had with my Grandmother that day, and my Dad walks in and overhears the conversation and says that he has seen the exact same ghost, before I even described to mum what he looked like, Dad described him exactly how I remember him to look. He swore to me that he had seem him before and basically confirmed what my Grandmother had told me.

So turns out this ghost has been roaming around my Grandmothers place for a good 50 years, but we don’t know why or how he got there. He really is pretty harmless though.

Originally a comment submitted by aw3331992 at Buzzfeed

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