The Haunted Student Complex

02 June 2017 | Audible Activity, Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

When I went to college my parents carefully chose an apartment for me. They were worried I would spend more time partying, than studying. The apartment my parents rented for me was old, and I shared it with three other students. It was actually very nice and I was excited to move in. I had no idea that I would come face-to-face with the paranormal.

Once I moved in, some strange things started happening. It started with the TV in the living room. We were sitting on the couch, watching TV. The remote was sitting under the table that the TV was on, upside down. The back was off the remote, so we could see that there were no batteries in it. The sound on the TV was low so I asked one of my roommates to turn it up. He refused so we just sat there. However, the volume bar on the TV started to go up, and remarkably stopped at a comfortable volume. For some time, we were all a little creeped out by that. After some discussion, we had decided that if our apartment, was, haunted, it was probably not haunted by some kind-of evil spirit.

After that, I started hearing strange noises at night. Not creaks or bangs… just ticking noises. A few nights later I was in my bedroom trying to get to sleep, when I heard a loud crash on the wall behind my head.

The mirrored door on my closet actually shook. Right after it shook, my bedroom doorknob began turning rapidly. That stopped, and my bathroom doorknob turned rapidly. After that, my VCR, which was to the right of my bathroom, turned on and then off by itself. The window to the right of the VCR then began to shake. Then the thud behind me again.

I had no idea what was going on, and I had absolutely no explanation as to what was making the noises. Nobody else had any experiences in their bedrooms, and I didn’t have any more after that, but the TV in the living room was still affected.

I’ve long moved out since then, but I still think it was an interesting story. Also, I was interested in theories on what, or who, was in our apartment.

Jane Donner, Kensington

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