The Bedroom Haunting

13 June 2017 | Audible Activity, Haunted houses, Haunted items, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

We moved into a new house when I was fourteen. I always felt uneasy being upstairs or in my bedroom and had this constant feeling of being watched. Some small things had happened but the most notorious was that my wardrobe door would randomly open in the middle of the night. It always happened when I was still awake. I would spend hours reading until late at night, before falling asleep. These wardrobes had proper door handles that latched. You would need to lift the handle straight up to get it open. Alternatively, if you were hiding inside the wardrobe you could open it by squeezing the latch from the inside until it popped open. The first few times this happened, I simply thought that the door must have been just shut properly. Naturally I started to pay good attention to see if the door latched, you could hear a clicking sound when it did and I also pulled the door handle straight back without lifting it, to confirm that it was indeed latched and the door wouldn’t open on its own. This still happened a couple of times, but only at night and those nights I was terrified and slept with my lights on.

That happened dozens of times but only one incident stands out as weirder. It was late at night and I was already sleeping when the sound of a phone ringing woke me up. At first, I couldn’t determine where the sound came from and I really freaked out because my room was directly above my mother’s room, and living in an old house I always tried to be as quiet as possible. I sprinted up from bed and located the sound as coming from one of my drawers full of old stuff that I didn’t really use. I always used to collect old stuff, never cleaning anything out. I started digging in one of the drawers and finally found the cause of my panic. It was one of my old phones. It wasn’t ringing, it had an alarm that was going off. This was a phone I hadn’t used in a good few years so I was really confused at this point. It was an old Samsung. At the time, I just turned the alarm off and went back to bed, even though I had problems falling back to sleep after that. The next day I got up and checked the phone again and I realized that it didn’t even have a battery in it. I have heard that some electrical things can sort of save up energy for a long time, but why would it suddenly start an alarm? It’s not something I would have ever made a setting for either whilst I was still using it, who sets an alarm to ring in the middle of the night?

Randy H, Tennessee


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